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  1. Posted by Dat_xchello, — Reply

    Gigi Wasn't Found In Kobe's Arms cause If you Use your Common Sense The Helicopter Went Up in flames And there Body's Were Found In ashes. You welcome!

  2. Posted by sarahhedden16, — Reply

    i’ve been trying to look it up bc i saw it somewhere but everything i look up doesn’t tell me. WHAT WERE THEIR LAST WORDS ANYONE KNOW??????

  3. Posted by teganstringer26, — Reply

    To be honest I’m not a basketball fan my family is a fan of the Lakers so that makes me fan of the Lakers to I didn’t know who Kobe Bryant was but whenever I found out he played basketball I feel really really bad and he will always be with all fans ☺️😇😁

  4. Posted by Eaz_691, — Reply

    Yall are gonna hate me for this 😔 my birthday is on the 26 of January which is the same date Kobe and Gigi died soooo ya...😢💔😩

  5. Posted by genariel9301, — Reply

    The wife found a letter Kobe left for her in case something happens to him she said she is going to read it on her birthday

  6. Posted by genariel9301, — Reply

    The husband and wife said they would never be in the helicopter at the same time in case something happens with the helicopter

  7. Posted by symone504, — Reply

    This is so sad , such a beautiful and admirable family! I Really aim to have a love like Kobe and Vanessa. 😭🥺

  8. Posted by gdavies07550421, — Reply

    Hey everyone just putting it out there that if u ever need to talk I’m here. No price. I dont want followers xx

  9. Posted by 2mambas24, — Reply

    He doesn’t have a son and they weren’t found together .......they were on different sides of the chopper ...

  10. Posted by kisses2811, — Reply

    Garunteed that’s how they left us but the impact of the accident would not have allowed us to know for sure.

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